Monday, December 15, 2008

More Christmas movies

Okay, don't throw tomatoes at me, but I really like the movie 'The Christmas Shoes'. It is a surprisingly well done movie, based on the song of the same title by the group called 'New Song'. I will admit to cringing whenever the song played during Christmastime, but the movie itself, is wonderful. It stars Rob Lowe as a workaholic father who has forgotten what is truly important in life. His life changes when he helps out a little boy buying some shoes for his mother before she dies. It is a sad story, but don't let that discourage you from seeing it. I love watching movies about people's lives, and how they affect each other. There is a sequel called
'The Christmas Blessing' but I have not yet seen it.

Another one I will mention is Noel. For this movie you better have kleenex on hand. Some may call it depressing, but I find it hopeful, a bittersweet story. Just a suggestion for those looking for something different from the typical Christmas movies normally found.
So many movies, it is a miracle I get any work done!


Lucy said...

I saw this movie a few years ago and liked it too....tears were :)

Jennifer Williams aka Blueskysunburn said...

I don't know that I've heard of either movie. I don't watch too many of the holiday shows. I have to say though "The Christmas Story" is still my all time favorite!

Pam said...

I saw Christmas shoes this year, it was a really good Christmas movie! We watched probably 20 Christmas movies this year! lol