Monday, March 16, 2009

Yet another Frida....and some health tips...

After last week, I felt like doing another Frida painting, and here is a sneak peak for now...I will put up the rest later in the week. I can't seem to get a good scan of it.

I was hoping to finish a folk art painting tonight. A friend asked me to help her walk 3 dogs, and I thought, why not, the exercise will be good for me too, then I can come home energized, and finish my painting. Well, the dogs ended up walking, or running us, lol! I can barely move, but I have to say it felt so exhilarating to move again. I have been a lazy slug the last few months, but I am ready to re-commit to exercise.

I've always wanted to add some health tips to my blog, rather than just talk art. I want people to take control of their health, and not wait for some time in the 'future' to start...So here are a few things to try out...

First thing I do every morning, and have done for over 10 years, is warm up some water in a kettle - do not let boil, and add 1 teaspoon honey and approx 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar for each mug, and enjoy. There are many benefits to this, as ACV is considered a wonder here to see some articles on google. I love the taste, and never miss a day. (I use Bragg's brand, but any organic brand found in a health food store should do).

-Walk every day, at least 20 minutes, it is for your heart, and lungs, and keeps your body fluid. More is better, but 20 minutes is a great start. You feel refreshed, and after a bit of time, will most likely notice some weight loss.

-drink more is an idea: Add cut strawberries, raspberries and a slice or two of orange in a big pitcher of water. Just let it steep, and drink it throughout the day.

-get more greens in your diet, preferably local, because they don't need to travel long distances to get to your table. The best thing you can do for your health is to eat more fresh produce, especially a big salad daily.

-eat oatmeal for breakfast. I know someone who works with cosmetic surgeons, and she asked them about their eating habits. Every one of them has steel cut oatmeal for breakfast. These are people who care about skin.
-Here are some suggestions: Steel cut oatmeal is the one you want, or Scottish oatmeal. I cook with half an apple, then add almond milk, cinnamon (helps your blood sugar level),a few walnuts, half a banana, and any berries on hand. Delicious!

-avoid wheat and sugar if you are a woman over 40, it helps cause that lovely jelly belly. Try rye bread instead. If you have a sweet craving, like me most days, I read that a spoon full of peanut butter or any protein cuts the craving. It works for me.

-take your vitamin D! lots of research coming out about the benefits, this is the sun vitamin....we don't get enough of it because we have been told to stay out of the sun. Do some research or ask your doctor how much to take.

-consider using the spice 'turmeric', lots of info about the health benefits, click here to see some google search results I found.

-I almost forgot, get more sleep! It seems obvious, but most people do not get enough sleep at night. I read that it's so important especially if you have stress, and who doesn't.

I see that I could go one for many pages, so I better stop now, lol! If I can find my recipe for a super anti-oxidant salad I will share it later.

feel free to share any health tips you have, we need to start looking after ourselves, and this beautiful body that houses our soul.



Mixed Media Martyr said...

You have been an inspiration to me! Please accept this "Marie Antoinette, a real person, a real award":

Thanks Leanne.

Judy said...


linda cardina said...

beautiful painting AND very interesting article! i am definitely going to try the vinegar and honey. i read the article and if dr oz backs it too it's worth a try. xolinda

Tammy said...

Thank you for the health tips. You have some great ones. I'm going to try your oatmeal recipe. I prefer the steel cut oatmeal, too. And I have been trying to get more sleep and I've noticed a difference. Sleep deprivation is an ugly thing! :)

ostrich girl said...

Wow You are a wealth of info and I can't wait for the salad recipe.Today it was seventy degrees out side and I watched my two little monkies run around in nothing but diapers on our lawn and wished I could strip down and join them! I'm gonna take your advice and by this summer I will be out there streakin' along with them (well in my BiKiNi!) I can't wait to try the acv trick and read more about it. Thanks for the great tips!

ostrich girl said...

By the way! I can't wait to see this Frida as a doll! hint hint ! (:
xoxo Sheri DeBow

Renee said...

Frida looks fantastic.

Those health tips are so important. I am not kidding when I say I wish I had stayed fit.


Love you. Renee

A Dancing Mango said...

Thank you for the wonderful article, it is amazing. I am one to really read/health tips! So I can truly appreciate all of what you wrote here. It is true, as artists, we can "sit" too much and forget about our bodies.
It is too easy just to grab something for quick energy.
If we really have a handle on our health, we would get up and eat, drink what you said, and go for a walk. Get ourselves energized and also inspired. Love you artwork as I always tell you.
I thought I was signed up here .. I guess I wasn't? Well, Now I am.
Thank you sooooooo much big hugs,
Darlene xo

A Dancing Mango said...

Hi Wonderful!
Come over to my blog for your award,
Your paintings are nothing less then fabulous!

Once Upon A Blue Crow said...

Frida looks fabulous! Thank you for your comments on my new painting. I think I'll have her finished tonight. Great time to visit since I said I was feeling lazy-great tips! I have a terrible sweet tooth, and of course, I love bread, go figure...really go figure :] but I try to cut out a lot of carbs.

Have you started on your challenge doll for Jane's class?

gardnwest said...

Just bought the print!! giddy with excitement.

The vinegar/honey tea was always drunk by the ladies in my spinning group out West, and I took that info in. But I was in my 30's then and didn't "need" it..but now, in my 50's and developing arthritis...GACK! I'm going to use it.

email me: gardnwest at aol dot com