Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dreamboat Annie

Here is the first of the two paintings that have given me a hard time! This one is inspired by one of my favorite singers, Ann Wilson of Heart. I copied the dress she wears in one of the videos on Youtube I found. I think if I were to re-do this painting, I would make her face cuter. These whimsical style paintings are so much fun to do, but I'm thinking at some point I need to practice painting more realistically.

I loved Heart way back in the 70's and still think their music is relevant.
Yes I know I am dating myself, but I am so grateful that I was a child of the 70's. It was so different from today's lifestyle. No computers, texting, cell phones....we played outside with our friends, and only came in for dinner. I remember how me and my best friend looked forward to the carnival coming to town, with cotton candy, ferris wheel, and music...and we were allowed to walk there alone without our parents.
There was no fear of the sun, we never even heard of sunscreen. It's funny, but for all the times I spent outside, I never once got a sunburn. Can you tell I'm feeling nostalgic?

A little Heart for your listening pleasure....

I have the best intentions to blog more often but it doesn't seem to work out that way. So now that I am here, I would like to take the time to thank two bloggers. First, Mixed Media Martyr for the Marie Antoinette award a couple of weeks back. I so appreciate you thinking of me!

I'd would also like to thank Fotf from Ivy's Attic for awarding me with another Kreativ Blogger award! I am always touched to receive any kind of recognition :-)

Now staying true to form, I can't nominate 7 blogs, since there are far too many I admire to be able to pick a few. A look at my blog list, and the blogs I follow will show you that there are many deserving people out there.
Thank you both for thinking of me.


Vania said...

I think the painting is lovely and her face is fine just the way it is - the whole painting works for me - just lovely :)

Michelle said...

Me too.....

Brenda said...

She has turned out beautifully even if she did give you a hard time.
Your reminiscing sounds like my childhood - life was much simpler then.

Oops! Desperate Blogger~ said...

Heart! Oh you take me back too! Can you computers?
Such uncomplicated days.
Not surprised Dreamboat Annie gave you a hard time...that was part of the 70's too! She's wonderful!

Michelle said...

I love this painting! I had all of Hearts albums in high school. Saw them last year and Anne's voice just blew me away. They are still rockin!

Rose said...

I like your work just the way it is. I think the face is wonderful!