Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas movies, music and more

This will feel like a scattered post, but that's the way I am these days. The time is flying! and Christmas will be here before you know it.
If you look on the right side of my blog you will notice I added a widget for you to listen to an all Christmas music radio station, or if you like, further down, I have added a playlist of music I chose, for your listening pleasure :-)
The sun finally came out this weekend, so I photographed some of my decorations, but then my computer decided not to accept my camera card! So no pics for now, however, I did watch a couple of Christmas movies.

The first one is called 'Fallen Angel' with Gary Sinese. It was a nice, slow paced but enjoyable movie, about a workaholic man who is alienated from his father for many years, and goes back home after getting a call from the hospital saying his father is ill.  I won't spoil it, but anyone who enjoys a nice slow romance will enjoy it. Worth watching.

Next was a movie called 'Silver Bells' about a Nova Scotia tree farmer who is raising his 2 kids since the death of his wife. A few minutes into it, I realized I had read the book a while ago. This is a Hallmark film, as was the previous one I wrote about, and I would also recommend this. Again, there is a romantic element to it, and of course, a happy ending. Great movies to sit on a cozy couch, make yourself a hot beverage, and enjoy.
One that I thought I would like but was very disappointed in is 'Snow 2: Brain Freeze'. I watched 'Snow' last year, and it was a cute film! I would recommend the first if you get a chance, in fact, I may rent it again.

Now if you are looking for a nice Christmas CD as background music, for when you have friends over, I discovered 'A Black Tie Christmas' by Atilla Fias. I purchased through iTunes, and it is a wonderful addition to my hundreds of Christmas CDs, lol!
It is instrumental, and very laid back, not at all my style, but for some reason, it is very easy to listen to. Preview the album on iTunes and let me know what you think.

Can you believe I got another Blog award? this time from the talented Nicola Toms. I appreciate it when people still think of me, (even though I am notoriously bad at following
through). Thank you again Nicola!

thanks for indulging me dear readers....
I would love to hear your thoughts on any Christmas movies you have enjoyed. Feel free to recommend or talk about them in the comments section. From now till Christmas, let's share our thoughts of music and movies, or anything else you enjoy about the season.


slommler said...

Hi sweetie and you are so right! Christmas will be here before you know it. I liked "A Christmas Story" and "Christmas vacation" with Chevy Chase.

Marlene said...

Hi, Yes, the year is almost over and it just flew by. I like "It's a Wonderful Life" and "Scrooge" the original Scrooge movie is the best and the one I like the most.

pinkglitterfae said...

I love 'A Christmas Story' and 'Christmas Vacation', haven't made my way to the classics yet. I'm hoping to get through some of the newer ones first.

'It's a wonderful Life' will never get old, I practically memorized the lines, lol!
Would you believe I have never seen the original Scrooge movie? I have seen 'Scrooged' with Bill Murray though, and enjoyed it.

Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

I just watched for the first time The Preacher's Wife with Whitney Houston. It's an older movie but it is really good. A who doesn't like looking at Denzel Washington? An all time favorite is A Christmas Story... so funny and of course Christmas Vacation! I also love Elf with Will Ferral and Bob Newhart is in it too. It is really cute. I am wanting to see the new Lifetime The 12 Men of Christmas I think is what it's called. I think it's on tonight (Tuesday).

Sue said...

I love 97.3 at this time of year (probably because I love Christmas
songs LOL). I have it playing all the time.

Thanks for the movie and music suggestions - there are several dvds there that I would like to see. aren't the only one that feels scattered at this time! LOL


Renee said...

No christmas tree for us yet dear heart.


Pam of Always Artistic said...

I will check out the Christmas music, maybe when I am bowling (online lol I am addicted)

I have seen Fallen Angel, and I think Silver Bells too, I am not sure! I love Hallmark movies and missed their most recent Christmas one. Didn't see the commercial until a week after!

Beautiful Owls!

readingsully2 said...

Thanks for the movie reviews. I love movies!!!