Thursday, March 25, 2010

Peaceable Kingdom

My friend has been talking about seeing this movie: ' Peaceable Kingdom' for a while now, and I have been resisting. I know it will break my heart. It just opened at the Canada International Film Festival and took home the Grand Jury Prize. It gives me hope to know that people are starting to wake up to how animals are treated. 
I watched the preview video, and know that I must buy the DVD when it is released.  I read some reviews and it sounds like an inspirational film, which shows farmers who change how they view animals and try to help them. 
Any of you vegetarians out there,  I would love to hear how you made the switch, and feel free to share your tips or favorite cookbooks.  
This is such a tricky subject to write about. Basically for me, I believe in treating all living beings humanely, and with respect.  I know there are some small conscientious farms out there, and with a bit of research, if someone so desires, they can find one to support that they can feel better about. Factory farms for me are disgraceful, and do not belong in a loving world.  I don't believe we will ever have  peace as long as they are allowed to thrive.

Please note: even though this is a preview, there are some sad scenes....but overall this film looks inspirational, and hopeful. 


Marlene said...

Very sad portrayal, quite disturbing.

Lisa said...

I'm kind of anxious to watch this...fortunately or unfortunately the speakers aren't working right now on the computer.

I made the switch to vegetarianism about 2 years ago...while it is a huge combination of reasons, the final straw was the Planet Earth series. I ate meat knowingly once or twice after that (for convenience), but haven't done so since.

I have no issues at all with those who choose to eat meat (including my husband and our kids until they are old enough to make their own decisions)...but for me, it hasn't been a hard choice.

Sue said...

Very timely post for me as I have been thinking more and more strongly about switching to vegetarianism and have also beem researching it.

This looks like a very powerful and disturbing movie and also one that should be seen. I totally agree with you on factory farming.


NatashaMay said...

This looks interesting. Thanks for sharing. I'm a vegetarian for past 4-5 years. For me it wasn't that hard to stop eating meat because I wasn't eating it much as it was. I simply changed meat for tofu and that was it. You treat tofu as you would meat. You don't even have to change any recepies. The hard part for me right now is that I'm trying to became vegan. I'm addicted to cheese and I cannot make the transition as easy as it was to vegetarianism. But I started cutting off milk, cream and yogurt. Hopefuly I'll make it the whole way. :)

readingsully2 said...

I can't watch it. I prefer to see my meat on the grocery shelves.

I know it is important work and the thing about the Dolphins...just tears me up.

Nope....I can't watch it.