Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cat rescue

This is Henry. Henry is an 8 year old rescue cat, and he is now in an animal hospital fighting for his life.
Briefly this is his story:  he and 5 other cats belonged to a woman who got a new boyfriend. The boyfriend decided he didn't want the cats in the house so she dumped all  of them outside to fend for themselves for a couple of months, then gave them over to a cat rescue.  This is where my friend got involved. She took them to a barn, hoping to turn them into barn cats. After a few weeks, only 2 cats remained, the other 4 have moved on.

Last week I got a call from  my friend asking me to come with her to the animal hospital, sit in the back, and comfort Henry, who she found with his back legs paralized. The trip had me worried as he kept putting his head down. I thought he would die in the car. When the vet saw him, she told us he had been attacked by something. He had over 20 puncture wounds and was in bad shape.

It sounded like he was on the mend until today, I got an email saying his blood tests came back, and it looked like his kidneys were shutting down. My friend headed over there to be with him when he would be euthanized. She later sent an email  saying  that when they got there he perked up, and started purring.  I guess he only wanted to feel loved,  like every other living creature. So now we are waiting to see if this poor little guy makes it. He's had such a tough life, he doesn't deserve to go this way.
If he does survive, he will be an indoor cat once again.

I know alot of you  rescue cats or other animals, and I applaud you for your kindness and strength.
Thank goodness for people that take in unwanted animals, and try to give them a new chance at life.
Many times it works out beautifully, and you have a companion for life, but other times there is tragedy.
I sure hope this is not one of the latter.

What a busy month it's been! I still haven't painted anything larger than an ACEO for a while. I've got a witch planned, it's just hard to find the time to do it. I'm one of these people that needs to work on something until it's done. Pretty soon Halloween will be upon us, and as soon as that's over, I start Christmas decorating.
Shhh, don't tell anyone but I played some Christmas music today while I was painting :-)

thanks for reading!

The above ACEO is called 'Ready to pounce'. Note the owl hiding in the pile of leaves, getting ready to scare the living daylights out of these trick r treaters.


risa said...

Saying a little prayer for Henry. Hope he makes it. You're right...he deserves a little love.

Cameron said...

Poor, poor kitty! Hang on Henry....we are all pulling for you!

Thanks for your help with this!

slommler said...

Oh dear! Poor Henry! I will pray for him too!

Rosemary said...

What a terrrific friend you have to try to rescue those cats. Unbelieveable tha owners can be so cruel. Hopefully Henry will recover.. Love the Halloween picture especially the owl.

Judy said...

OH! I have a big heart for cats! Sending love to Henry!

Marlene said...

Sending prayers for Henry.

Lee said...

Rescue families are wonderful! Praying for Henry.

Christmas Music? he he he and

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Poor sweet Henry - I hope the little guy makes it. It absolutely outrages me that people do such things to animals - leaving them unwanted and unloved. I commend any and all who take it upon themselves to rescue animals. :) On a more chipper note, I adore your new work. It's happy and fun. Thanks for sharing. Theresa

Sue said...

ahhhh, poor Henry ...sending wishes and healing thoughts that this is only one of his eight lives and he will continue to mend.

Very cute ACEO! (I love owls)


Erica Lea said...

I'll bet that woman discovers that she should have kept her cats, and not the guy. She doesn't deserve them, though - stupid and cruel! I truly hope Henry makes a full recovery, and has a wonderful new life ahead:-) Sending him healing thoughts and hugs.

readingsully2 said...

This kitty looks so much like my Grizzy who just died. It brought tears to my eyes. Grizzy was a rescue. I found her abandoned in Alaska and flew her home to Florida.

Digit I got from a litter at someone's Home.

Zorro was dumped and I rescued him.

Smoky was my Dad's cat and when he died I took him in.

Sugar was a rescue and so was Shiloh. They died awhile back but all had nice long lives.

Heather said...

Poor kitty, and what a sweet face! hopefully he can recover...i never understand people that can be mean to animals!

Kristin Dudish said...

My thoughts are with Henry - he sounds like a strong kitty... I'll pray for the best!

(I love the owl's eyes peeking out of the leaves)

Fair Rosamund said...

That breaks my heart--I hope that Henry pulls through! He will be in my thoughts. It makes me so mad when people dump animals as if they have no feelings. As a fellow animal lover I thank you and your friend for helping him out! ~Lauren

Pam of Always Artistic said...

Awww that's just awful. I hope that kitty pulls through.

I have already wrapped presents and played Christmas music, I won't tell on you if you don't tell o me! lol I love Christmas, I am currently trying to figure out where to put my tree this year!

Jenny Carter said...

This looks like one of my rescues. That is a terrible story and those that moved on from the barn, no doubt got killed. I am appalled at people behavior!!!