Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Easter Owl artwork and a Film recommendation

What? you haven't heard of Easter owls yet??  Well my friends, they exist in my silly little head, and I like nothing better than bringing them to life - unfortunately I've been slow in creating Easter themed art this year.
Do you ever go through phases where you just want to be lazy, and sit in front of the tv? I have some favorite shows I watch, like American Idol, and Project Runway (yes folks, the one  you in the USA saw last year, is finally airing in Canada!).  But mostly I've taken the time to borrow lots of DVD's  from my public library.

**This is an update, I have removed the documentary recommendation that I had here yesterday, after reading a news report of some barbarian behavior from the country in question. Violence is never the answer,
and because of this report, it has made the entire country look bad. I can not leave my review of this film  up on my blog
Any country that resorts to this kind of behavior will be judged accordingly, and cannot expect the world to treat them with respect, or understanding. 

If you are only now reading this post  obviously you won't know what film I talked about.  Sorry to be so cryptic!
For those who read my blog yesterday and know of what film I wrote about, I'm sure you will understand why it would be offensive to leave it up.

I will definitely be talking about interesting films in the future though.  Thanks for reading!


Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Betty ;o) I just wrote you a really nice long comment and it went into space! LOL! So, here I go again ;o) I will be checking out the movie, it sounds very interesting! I love your aceo, but then you know, I love all your aceo's ;o) I have to admit, as much as I love to paint, I also love to watch a good movie, or go play in the dirt! LOL! Have a good one ;o)

audrey said...

Betty, this Easter Owl is ADORABLE! I love it. Your ACEOs are always the best.
I am going to watch the video as soon as I leave here. I'm not one to watch much TV, but I got hooked on "America's Next Top Model" this year. It's just kind of interesting seeing what those young girls go through to try to become a model.
Keep making those cute owls....
♥ audrey

slommler said...

Love your owl!!
And I love to watch Project Runway as well.
Whenever I take a break I watch a movie or CSI shows..reruns mostly!
I love it...really relaxes me and it feels good just to sit there and chillax!!!

NatashaMay said...

The easter owl looks goregeous with bunny ears. :) thanks for the movie recomendation.

Lee said...

I am so happy that the Easter Owl is finally out in the open! More people need to know the TRUTH about egg delivery. Thanks for doing this expose ;^)

Freedom is precious. I need to check out that film!

Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

The Easter Owl is so cute! I like saying "Easter Owl" too. It sort of rolls off the tongue...LOL!

Mina said...

I adore your Easter Owl! Too sweet. Thank you so much for the recommendation. Have a wonderful weekend!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

I adore your Easter Owl!!!! I think there should be more Easter Owls definitely. :) I've been enjoying American Idol - my favorites this year are Casey, Jacob and Scotty. :) Happy April! Theresa

Marlene said...

Love your owls, they always make me smile.

Pam of Always Artistic said...

I am loving your Easter art, they are so sweet, love the owl bunnies and the big hats, etc. Beautiful!

I am in that phase now, can't get motivated for anything/ Been watching a lot of tv / movies also.

My Owl Barn said...

Hey Betty, This is my first time on your blog. I was thrilled to find out this post of yours because Easter owls "exist in my silly little head" too. Check them out here

Oh, I too (RELIGIOUSLY) watch American Idol. Is it possible we are sisters separated in space ;)