Friday, September 2, 2011

Time is a flyin!

hi friends, it's September already, and it sure came fast!! We had a very late start to our summer, basically it was crappy until July, then we got record heat. August was so-so. The past month we had overseas guests, my aunt and uncle were here, so we did the usual tourist things, and we probably visited most of the malls in our area, which my aunt loved, lol!
 Yesterday we took them to the airport, so hopefully now, I can start working on my art again. 

  Looking back at the last few pages of my blog I am a bit disappointed in myself. I don't feel like this blog has been well maintained. I feel like I let my readers down, and know some of the posts have been forced. It's true I wanted my blog to be about more than art,  but I can't believe some of the stuff I tortured you with! I had a post about the location of a bird's nest!! Good grief, what was I thinking, lol! 
I just haven't felt all that creative the last few months, and I hope my muse is coming back. I did a little illustration last night of a fox and an inukshuk. That's a good thing for me, as I tend to procrastinate...still, after all this time, and after all I know.  How many times can I write myself little motivational notes? At some point, you have to just do it! 

Especially now, when time seems to be speeding up. 
Art is my refuge, I take comfort in it, and it never fails me, but I fail it.  By not creating, by spending more time than I should in front of the TV.  The excuses come way too easy : I'm tired, I was at work all day, it's too late to start, and on and on. There is no shortage in excuses when it comes to not doing what needs to be done. Art isn't a chore, and once I start, it feels so good, that I wonder why on earth did it take so long to start? I guess this is just the ebb and flow of creativity, and I'm sure I'm not alone. Sometimes we need a break to refresh ourselves, I just wish that break wouldn't take so many months, lol!

That's it for today...but I'd first like to say thanks to those of you who replied in my last post, letting me know my blog opens up quickly for you. I won't need to remove anything then.

I also said I was going to blog about my perfume obsession, it's coming soon, as well as new art, and maybe some sketch book pages.
thanks for bearing with me during my ups and downs, I look forward to the new fall season, and getting back into the groove :-D

thanks for reading!


readingsully2 said...

Hi Pink,

First I wanted to tell you how beautiful your blog is. It is really special. As far as the content. I love your content. I know I have been absent for awhile but when I came here today it immediately put a smile on my face. :)

Linda in New Mexico said...

You are among folks who understand time whizzing by, lack of enthusiastic blogging and a strangely shorten summer. I have been trying to catch up on reading blogs and I can't tell you how many are just along these same thoughts......but hey we're here now and can support each other and share all the arting we can, right???? I can hardly wait to see what you have created. Oma Linda

Sunshineshelle said...

Betty chill pill girl we love you :) What you decide (or not) to put here is fine, please don't put expectations on yourself or think somethings not good enough or 'what were you thinking' LOL, these are all the unique things you post & share that make you Pinkglitterfae Art a great place to visit, hey I do agree with one thing time passes so quick & because we are all smacked over the head with the creative brush we are very good at making up excuses why we haven't done art, (he he) guess we got to turn that 'round & make up excuses why we can't do that other stuff we better do some art ;)
Oh, BTW love your fox Betty, I'm with readingsully (your blog is beautiful) & agree with Linda too none of us are perfect but we all support each other & our creative pursuits, well hell, it certainly seems more perfect LOL :)

audrey said...

Hi Pink!
I like that people write things about themselves and things that interest them on their blogs, Betty. Everything we write or show on our blogs makes our readers get to know us a little better. Art is the number one priority among many of us, but if I like an artist, I like the person and everything that represents that person. So, post whatever you want, Betty, and we'll like it just fine!!!!
I look forward to seeing what you will be creating this Fall.
♥ audrey

Pam of alwaysartistic said...

Glad you had a chance to visit with your aunt and uncle.
I know what youmean... I am a horrible blogger lately. I just can't come up with anything to blog or be motivated to try. Lol

Beautiful painting.

Enjoy your weekend.

The Secret Hermit said...

Don't stress sweetie, we've all been there, I had 4 months earlier this year that I felt rubbish about everything I did, my posts were short and boring and I wonder why people kept reading but they did and all is good again now, as it will be for you :)

We will still be here, whatever you post :)

Micki x

NatashaMay said...

You haven't failed us at all. What are you talking about!? :) You blog what you feel like.It doesn't have to be all art. But i know how you feel cause I've been there.:) Great painting! Love the foxy just sitting there. :)

Magaly Guerrero said...

Don't be disappointed, you blog from your heart and those who care would take what you give. If someone is asking for more than what you can offer at a particular time, then they have a problem. Blogging should be done for fun. I used to apologize all the time; now I just smile a lot and post when I can ;-)

It is good to have you and read you.

Purple Pony Art said...

I think sometimes we all fall into the...fall behind trap :-) Don't worry about it! I haven't had much time to blog either. September! Goodness! Where did summer go?

Rosemary said...

The muse does disappear sometimes and I must say I also cringe at some of my posts..... Life does get in the way sometimes of blogging but so it shold.
Nice to see you back.

Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Betty, great to hear from you! Don't worry, you will get your groove back on ;o) I have full confidence in you ;o) I love the change in the background on your blog! Very pretty ;o) And, I loved that post about the birds nest! Don't put yourself down about that one ;o) Have a great day my friend ;o)

Lee Pierce said...

Hi Betty,
I love stopping by here! You are always friendly and chatty and I enjoy catching up with you.
Your blog is lovely, kiddo and I'm happy to view your posts :D

Sara said...

Just echoing what the others have already said and that I loved the post about the birds nest being a novis nature photographer. hUgs Sara

Cameron said...

Hey...I liked that bird's nest post! But, I do love your art, too :D

I come back, though, because I like YOU!! So, no worries, Betty....just keep posting about what you want to post about...we'll be here to support you!

Fair Rosamund said...

Hi there Betty! I just love your little fox illustration, and I totally understand how you feel. I definitely have those times where I don't create for a while. Then I do a painting and it feels so great and I wonder why I waited! :) I just love your blog and will always keep reading! :) ~Lauren

Maggie said...

Betty, I loved the bird nest post! Like everybody has already stated before me, I love to visit your blog. Very nice fox painting, but what is an inukshuk?

Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

You're being kinda hard on yourself! Everyone neglects something every once in a while. Can't wait to hear about your little "perfume problem"! LOL!