Sunday, August 10, 2008

bye bye vacation

When I was about to start my vacation I thought I should be able to get lots of new paintings done. I had a whole week!! Did I do lots of art? of course not, I am a procrastinator :-)

In fact, every day of my vacation I wondered what I should start working on, but I found my head was just too full of ideas that I couldn't decide where to start. So I didn't....

Instead, I over-ate and probably gained a few pounds, walked downtown for coffee and treats, shopped a bit, and hung out with people I care about.

I keep reminding myself to stop feeling guilty. I had fun for a few days, what is so wrong with that? There seems to be this annoying voice telling me to feel bad if I don't paint.

I did managed to get one painting done, and it is called 'Cherry Fairy'. It is a mixed media painting, with lots of layers, and of course, glitter. I find I really love the freedom of mixed media, you never know where the painting will take you.

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