Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I love halloween, and had all these great ideas for paintings planned for months. Of course, before I knew it, it was almost the end of October, and I only managed 2 new witch paintings. Time seems to be speeding up, you think you have so much of it, then find it has slipped away once again. I may add them to my Etsy store anyway. I did sell one of my favorite paintings last year after Halloween (the one my avatar is based on).

I spent last weekend re-arranging my tiny little art room. I have a large bookshelf on one wall filled with books I planned to read 'some day'. It finally occurred to me that this space would be more useful holding my art supplies and canvases that have been stacked on my floor. So I spent a full day weeding through books, and deciding which to give to goodwill. Isn't it funny that books you may have had sitting unread for 10 years would be so hard to get rid of? I figure if I haven't read them by now, I never would. So off they went. And what a great feeling that was!
Now my mixed media supplies are neatly organized on 2 shelves, beside my desk. I find it very hard to create when everywhere you look is cluttered. I always say, if you are feeling stuck, clean, organize, and you will see how quickly your muse comes out to play. The next day, I sat down and created another mixed media girl, in black white and pinks, which I love! I will post her here once I decide on a name :-D

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Jennifer Roberson Williams said...

Oh, I want to see! I love seeing pictures of people's craft rooms. I did the same thing last weekend only I'm not even remotely done.