Sunday, November 23, 2008

Winter Magic

I thought I would add my latest painting, she was woodburned on wood first, then I used various media. I love snowy scenes, and have so many ideas for paintings sketched out, that I am so overwhelmed with the options, and end up doing something else....

This is my busiest time of year, working to get art ready for Christmas, and this year I am off to a slow start. I thought I would start selling a few of my newest paintings as greeting cards in my Etsy shop. So far this is the only one I listed. I tested one out, and found that the card turned out gorgeous! I had to make sure before I sold them that it was a good quality product I could offer.

This whole art self promotion thing is a lot of work! how do people do this, and still manage to create? I'm exhausted thinking about it! I think maybe I will go watch a Christmas movie instead :-D

Be back with a better update and more art soon, I promise!

1 comment:

Jennifer Williams said...

Goodness girl you are on a roll! I wish I could pump out artwork this fast! You did a great job on her face, especially her eyes.