Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More Greece pics

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After looking through the several hundred images I took in Greece, I was disappointed with how few scenery shots I had. Lots of them have people in them, or just don't do the scene justice. I love doorways, and old run down buildings, and if it wasn't for me being shy about photographing them, I would have had so many! It wasn't so bad taking photos in Athens, but in the small villages people were always on their porch, and wherever we went, we were stared at.
look at the little kitten hiding out. The poor thing's mother had died earlier, and he was one of 4 left on their own.

This pic was taken from high on the mountain opposite our beach. On the left hand corner,where you see greenery, is the mountain that had burnt down in 1997.
Reading about the fires in Greece this week made me think back to that time. How sad to think that a lot of the fires are deliberately started.

This was taken on the island Syros. On the boat ride there, I had one of the highlights of my trip. I sat outside on the deck, with the sun beating down on me, and a nice breeze, and sketched. It felt so free, and wonderful, I made sure to enjoy every second of it.

The last picture I will leave you with is a donkey I saw on our walk to the beach. I didn't want to get too close because he was tied to a long rope, and the last thing I wanted was to be drop kicked, haha!


Poetic Artist said...

Great post..I love door also and I love that one..The kitten looks so scared..Sad

Julia Finucane said...

Great pictures, and that kitty is so cute. It's so sad. I probably would want to take it home with me.

Terri said...

I really like what you have shared with us. What a fantastic trip to be able to go to Greece. I have realatives there that I have never met...someday I will. (I'm 1/4 Greek)

Marlene said...

Great post Betty. I love the door! I feel very bad for the kitty. However, Greece looks like a beautiful place.

Pam said...

These pictures are all so beautiful, even the donkey! lol That poor kitty. Sounds like it was a really inspiring trip!

readingsully2 said...

What great photos, Pink.:)