Thursday, August 27, 2009

A little bit of Sunshine

I felt refreshed after my vacation, and after settling in for the last couple of weeks, it is time to get back to business. I have online classes to get caught up in, illustration Friday challenges I would like to take on, and with Halloween and Christmas coming quickly, I must fill my Etsy shop.

Right now there are so many ideas in my sketchbook, I don't know which direction to take. Please tell me I am not alone in wanting to try many types of art. Sometimes I feel like I should focus on developing one recognizable style (not that I can see that happening any time soon, lol!). Since I can't focus on one thing, I noticed a lot of distractions popping seems like there is always something that needs to be taken care of before I sit down and work. The result is not much art being done at the moment, and of course, guilt shows up.

Art can be a sanctuary, a way to leave the mundane world, and live somewhere beautiful, if only for a brief time. I know there are a few of you feeling stressed right now because you can't seem to find time to create. There will always be distractions, and things that come up unexpectedly. Sometimes we must sacrifice our own time to give to others who need us.
Drop the guilt! It doesn't serve us. The best we can do is carve out a few moments for ourselves whenever we can.

There is so much negativity everywhere these days, the media is doing a great job keeping us fearful. I say let's unplug from the news, and spend that time in our art journals, drawing, painting, and journaling our lives. Even if we can only manage 15 minutes, that's 15 minutes of happiness added to the world. Our outside world can only change when we change our inner world. I really believe this.

happy creating!


Jackie said...

You are not alone. My mind is everywhere and with technology where we can take art classes right in our homes it makes it even easier. I agree with you, lets turn off the news . oh and I love the new painting:)

Marlene said...

Love the new painting - your girls are so sweet, they always make me smile. I agree about the news it is usually depressing and there is not much we can do about any of it anyway.

icandy... said...

Trust me, you aren't alone... I find myself not painting as much anymore because I do so much mixed media and altered art. It's nice to have a variety... but I think I try to do too many creative things! HA!
Love the new painting of yours... she is just too sweet!

Jodi said...

Hi there! What a sweet message you left me on my blog- thank you :). Love your blog and your art is absolutely lovely! i'm headed to your etsy shop-thanks so very much for stopping by. after reading through your blog....i feel like painting!! you inspire me...
ps- i love the noses on your art!!

Giovanna said...

I love art too! Specially drawing, I'm a fashion designer, but art is my inspiration and I love to experiment with other media too, but I understand what you say, sometimes I'd like to try lots of different things too :)
I love your painting is so adorable! You're so talented!
Boho Market

Sue said...

"Please tell me I am not alone in wanting to try many types of art."

You are not alone. I get so inspired at seeing different ideas, and then seem to flounder not being able to decide which one to do first.

I really like your sunshine girl! Sweet and cheery!

sanda reynolds Mullingar,Ireland said...

I can't agree more with you! You are so right, so lets go painting and creating and fill our lives with beauty and kindness and love so they'll be meaninful! I spend as less time as I can on news!LOL
Your girl is lovely!
Lots of love, Sanda xx

Pam said...

Beautiful new painting! I love the colors you chose for her, she's so pretty!

K said...

i love what you said at the end of your post...SOOOO true!! i stumbled upon your blog today and am happy i did! wonderful paintings!!!! HAPPY SUNDAY!

readingsully2 said...

Hey, Pink...what a lovely piece. I certainly like to try all sorts of art because I have a tendency to get bored. I'm a Gemini.

I think you do have your own style and it is very lovely.

Michele said...

Little miss Sunshine is so beautiful!!! I love her look, colors and texture!

Oh and you are so not alone in wanting to try different types of art. I always want to try so many new things it gets a bit overwhelming at times. :)