Monday, October 19, 2009

Finished WIP, and some thanks

hi friends! If you read my last post you saw the painting I'd been doing for my sister's birthday present. Here is the almost finished version. There are still a couple more things I want to fix up, like the headband..I will be adding tiny flowers and crystal to it. It was so late Saturday night, I couldn't stay up any longer, lol! My sis now says this is her favorite artwork so far, which always makes an artist feel like the hard work is worth it.

I added more layers using stamped tissue paper and vintage paper, then gesso'd it loosely. More layers of creme paint were added, a bit more rubber stamping, then the fun stuff like gold stars, and gold leaf, and some gold mica powder.
(for those of you looking for a nice creme paint, Golden's 'titan buff' is wonderful! If you don't have this color, I highly recommend it, it is gorgeous and very versatile).

I must admit here, I am a bad blogger! I have received blog awards, and always make a mental note to thank them on my blog...well, you can see where this is going, lol! I swear I am so scatterbrained. If you have given me a blog award and I haven't thanked you yet, I apologize. You don't know how many times I plan to do it in the evening when I get home, only to forget.

So I will take the time here to thank some people:
First of all, a big thank you to Julia for making me her featured artist on her blog this week. Please check out her blog, she has lots of great stuff there!

Thank you to Linda for honoring me with the 'best blog award'! You must see her journal pages!

and Thank you to Carole, photographer extraordinaire, for the Deborah Award.

Now I must get working on a couple of new ACEOs I want to create for EBAY Groups Nibblefest Art Contest...this month's theme is Halloween, and it's been a while since I added anything on EBAY.


Val Zdero said...

She has turned out absolutely gorgeous - your sister will LOVE it!

Nicola said...

Wow she is beautiful, I love the tones you have used and the texture, well everything really!!! I think your sister will love this one forever!! Gorgeous work!

Linda said...

Wow, she is looking more gorgeous by the moment. Would you like to be my sister? I'll adopt you. :)

Congrats on the other awards too. Well deserved.

queen-of-nostalgia said...

So pretty!


Kelly said...

The painting is gorgeous. Your sister will love it.
last week while visiting my local AC Moore I saw that they'd added a whole section for Golden paints and prioducts. Bought a couple sampler kits of mediums to play with and a big tube of Titan Buff. yay!

Susan - said...

What a fantastic gift! Love the stars and moons in her hair.

Renee said...

It looks great. Now come over and check out my giveaway.

Love Renee xoxo

slommler said...

Such a gorgeous painting. I can see why it is now your sister's favorite painting!! Fabulous!! And congrats on your blog awards.

Mandala Michelle said...

Beautiful! I love the look of your blog too.

Pam of Always Artistic said...

WOW wow WOW, This is beautiful! Oh boy I love it! I bet it will look awesome in your sisters place!

Annette Q said...

Shes truly wonderful! I love her beautiful hair and all the little details in it. How very beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing the process too, i love discovering new techniques :-)
Ps. Congratulations on your awards!

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

She's gorgeous!!! Wonderful colors!

Anonymous said...

Oh please say you are going to carry a print of her in your etsy shop!

readingsully2 said...

Oh Pink...this is gorgeous. Your sister will be so excited.

Thank you for mentioning me in your blog. You are just too sweet to me. :)

NatashaMay said...

congrats on the awards. :) I love your winking diva.

audrey said...

Congratulations on the awards you have received. I haven't visited in quite a while - sorry - but I'm back and I intend to keep visiting.
I wanted to tell you the painting that Marlene won is beautiful! What a wonderful prize. Your use of mica, gold leaf, etc., makes such a wonderful texture on your paintings.
Have a great Fall day and keep painting beautiful girls.

The Vintage Sister said...

Wow, she's amazing! I love all of the detail and texture.
Your sister is a lucky girl:)

In answer to your question...Marmite is from the UK. I think Australians eat Vegemite. Probably just as gross:)


Michelle said...

OMG! She is gorgeous! Your sister is going to love it, what an awesome gift!

Michelle :)

Move With Me said...

She is simply elegantly divine.. ty for sharing

adrienne trafford said...

oh my goodness is this beautiful!

Jennifer Williams "Blueskysunburn" said...

This turned out great! I'm diggin the creme sparkly background.

Congrats on the awards! You deserve them!