Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowstorms and Sleeping Beauty

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I heard last night that some massive snowstorms are hitting the US and some parts of Eastern Canada. Those of you in the path of this storm, please stay safe! This is the perfect excuse to stay in if you can. I wonder if it will still be going on tomorrow during the Superbowl?
Ok I shouldn't admit this because some may think I am crazy, but I really wish it was coming our way. We have had the easiest winter ever! hardly any snow, no snowstorms, I really miss it! I have always loved a good blizzard. Oh well, on a positive note, I won't have to be out shoveling my driveaway :-)

The ACEO you see at the top had  been sitting unfinished, for probably a few months. Today I thought I may as well try and get her done. You wouldn't believe how many unfinished paintings I have lying around!
It was fun to work in such tiny details, especially on the face. Normally faces this small give me trouble, but not this one, and I didn't even have to put on my reading glasses to see, lol!
(For those who don't know what an ACEO is, it is small format  art, and the size is the same as a baseball card.)

Well, time for a bit of a break, since Sleeping Beauty took me a few hours to do. I'm now going to make a nice cup of coffee and watch another episode of Everybody loves Raymond.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Faerie Moon Creations said...

Hi there! This piece looks gorgeous - can't wait to see her once she's finished. The snow evaded us here in Connecticut, although I wish we did get some (I am a snow fanatic). Enjoy your coffee! :) Theresa

slommler said...

Your ACEO is beautiful!! Oh dear! The snow hit here and I don't like it one bit. I hate to have to drive in it!! And more is coming!!! Tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

Such a beautifully dreamy girl.

Grace said...

you should watch Lost! :) Its amazing! You should be happy you didn't get snowstorms! The roads suck!

Marlene said...

She is a beauty for sure! I am glad we are not the ones getting snow. I think it is beautiful but like it where I can just look at it and not deal with it.

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Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

What a beautiful Sleeping Beauty she is! Her face is darling. You really should finish up all those paintings you've got laying around! ;) I'm just as bad, but I don't have a lot lying around, they are still in my head! so you're one up on me.

We just got about an inch and a half of snow but must've gotten some ice because I was without power for an hour and a half. I lost a huge post response I was working on!!!

Nicola said...

I love your sleeping beauty she is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Sue said...

Your Sleeping Beauty is lovely!

I know what you mean about our easy winter, and I too feel a pang of envy for those that are getting walloped. Probably because I do have the choice to stay in and cocoon in my little house, I love it when the winds and elements are howling outside.

Those that are snowed in however probably do not appreciate this!


Sandy Michelle said...

We've been lucky with no snow storms this year. Stay warm! I love your ACEO of sleeping beauty!

Sandy xox

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Betty! Your Sleeping Beauty ACEO is beautiful. Love the roses around her. I am so with you when it comes to unfinished projects. My pile seems neverending. Hope you are enjoying your OWOH ride too! I plan to check off the rest of the list soon. Thanks so much for your sweet visit as always! Wishing you a lovely and creative week!

Lisa :)

Sandy Michelle said...

P.S Thanks for sending the virtual chicken soup! Have fun watching Jake tonight!!