Friday, May 21, 2010

Blonde Angel

hi friends,  yes, another angel, but I tried to do blonde hair this's not so easy.  Yesterday was such a gorgeous hot day, the first in a long while, so I made myself a coffee, and sat outside with my sketchbook. I worked out details on some ideas I had a while ago, and maybe this weekend will try one out,  after I clean up my workspace, what a mess!
It was never this bad when I did simple acrylic painting, but the moment I discovered mixed media, look out! not a single piece of paper gets thrown out now, as well as anything that may be added to a painting.  I've heard this from other mixed media artists, lol! I'm sure we all peel glue off our fingers every night before bed.

Another thing I'd like to get to is actually making my small art room feel more like a creative space. Maybe some nice Christmas lights hung on the window, and a tealight holder  to keep on the desk I work on.  This is supposed to be a creative area, and it looks anything but.  It amazes me I can work in such a cluttered area, but right now, it's the only space I have. I do know artists who work on a kitchen table, and they manage just fine. We got to make the best of what we have, and work around the limitations. You somehow focus on the work at hand, but I'm tired of not being able to find what I need due to clutter.  This sounds like a good project for this long weekend.

What are your plans this weekend?


slommler said...

Yes I peel glue off just about every night! And if I wasn't going out of town...I would be cleaning my studio as well. Had a show and boy is it a mess now. All the show stuff is laying around! Yuck! Will tackle it when I get back.
You have a good weekend.

Marlene said...

Beautiful Angel - I cleaned up my space now I just have to remember where I put everything away.

Fotf said...

Oh Betty, this is something i have a constant battle with, the creative space. The more space i have the more i fill it lol. My craft area is in our spare/dumping room. This week i have worked quite hard on sorting some of it out, i think it looks heaps better but there is still room for improvement but due to the lack of crafting today i cleaned up my table and have tidied all but one of my draws and hope to get back to the task in hand next week. Crafting :)

Oh but i do have a candle jar to light now and i do listen to some nice chill out music while i craft, nice and relaxing :) Have a great weekend.

Julia Christie said...

She's lovely. I just cleaned up my table a couple days ago and am much more able to create now.

Really enjoying this angel series

Tammie said...

she is lovely~
I seem to clean my space a few times a week, then the creative storm blows through again and leaves things everywhere again ;-}

Michele said...

Your newest angel is beautiful! I always admire your lovely texture and backgrounds in your pieces. Wonderful work!

And yes, I peel glue off my fingers many nights before bed, and lots of times the next day too. :)

I can totally relate to the studio makeover, I've been thinking this week of doing the same thing. But it's a big project! Yuck. I'd rather be painting. :)

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Each angel is just as lovely as the next. You did a wonderful job with her blonde looks perfect. :) I'm just starting to learn mixed media work, and yes - it definitely can get a wee bit messy. :) Enjoy your weekend. Theresa

Kathleen said...

She's so pretty! I love your mixed media creations =)

Sue said...

Betty, your blonde angel is lovely!

I'm still in the process of trying to clean/organize my room. I keep everything (I guess you could call my
work mixed media). I just know if I throw out some little bit of something that the next piece I do, I will NEED that piece.

It is a huge struggle, especially, if like me you have a very tiny space. I read "Where Woman Create" and am SO envious!

Happy May 2-4!


Sophia said...

She is beautiful. I love her blonde hair. It takes your angel paintings to an entire new level!


CrowNology said...

She is lovely.
My studio is crowded until renovations are over. I have only been photographing and sketching for far too long now! I hope you have a better space by now (Sunday evening here...) :)

elenamary said...

Super blog you have created..I am now a follower..follow my blog too if you are so inclined...I never put anything away but it seems to work for me..thanks for looking at my studio photos and commenting..seeing other artists' studios is always intriguing to me....Cheers! Elena

readingsully2 said...

What a gorgeous face. She is Angelic!

Pam of Always Artistic said...

Wow she is gorgeous!

Yes, keeping our art spaces clean and organized is so hard, and when you do clean it up 1 day can mess it up again! lol

LibraryBatMoonBooks said...

It really looks gorgeus , you should pursue in your art ! You would be famous ;)