Tuesday, May 25, 2010

sweet poison, and my latest cheeky girl

It is so hot today! I refuse to turn the air conditioner on, since we haven't had a real summer for the last 2 years. I am sitting in my tiny little art room, it is so sticky, but I wanted to get my cheeky American girl finished, and varnished. I'm also listening to a great program on Hayhouseradio.com on healing spices. You may as well learn something while you work right?
I was reminded of the benefits of cinammon, so I promptly went to my kitchen, got a large glass of water and added a cinnamon stick to it. Water is another thing I forget to drink, I'm sure I'm not the only one.

There are so many easy things we can do to improve our health, but we have to make the effort. Most of them really don't take that long. I get lazy...but then I hear about another person struggling with illness, and am reminded how fragile this life is. I remember hearing a phrase that said basically make time for your health, or make time for illness. I have blogged before about my addiction to sugar.  I am in the process of cutting back, but it is not easy.  I remember learning that cancer cells need sugar to thrive, so you would think that kind of information would do it, but nope. I still continued. Why is it that caring for ourselves is so difficult?
Or perhaps it is the fact that sugar -especially the High Fructose syrop, is addictive and hard to stop.

I picked up a book out of curiosity from my library called the Belly Fat Cure and skimmed it briefly. His plan is not really a diet, but a change in how you eat, and one of the things he does is tell you to cut your sugar intake to 15 grams per day. When I look at a food label, I normally look to see how many carbs are in it, since all this time I thought that was the problem. Well I was in for a shock, sugar is everywhere! even in so-called healthy 100% bran cereal!! All this time I only considered things like cookies, muffins, and cakes as the things I needed to cut back on, only to find sugar lurking in almost all processed foods.

This was reinforced by another article on the dangers of sugar I read on Mercola.com.  This concerns me because I don't think we realize how dangerous it is, and by blogging about this, I hope some of you do a little research of your own. I don't want any more people to deal with illnesses that can be avoided by eating a more natural diet. I'm just saying know the facts, and make an educated decision when you are buying your groceries.  And if you think drinking diet soda is better, think again, it is poison! .The information is all out there if we want to see it. . Our lives are way too precious to take for granted, it's time to treat our bodies like the temples that they are.

thanks for reading, and stay healthy :-)


Heather said...

I adore your American girl! Quite nice and perfect for this weekend -
Take it one day at a time and you will be amazed at your progress. I don't eat a lot of sugar and I feel sooo much better! You are so right we need to treat our bodies like temples!!! This is a great post

smellyrhinostudio said...

Thanks for the gentle reminder about sugar and junkfood...It's on my mind all the time lately, as I have 20 lbs to lose!! I say, "Easy, I'll just cut out bread and sugar!" RIGHT! soo easy..

Great blog! Glad I found you. ;)
I'm off to learn about cinnamon.

Fair Rosamund said...

I love your new gal, she's great! :) Thank you so much for the reminder, I know I need to cut back on sugar but now I need to actually do it! :) ~Lauren

Cameron said...

Oh, she is so cheeky!

I'm a total sugar Fiend that was carrying around 25 extra pounds since my daugther was born 4 years ago! Last year I cut sugar and simple carbs out (white rice, potatoes, white bread) lost those pounds pretty easily....first time in my life I haven't actually had to exercise my a** off :)

It can be done...if I can do it, anyone can!

NatashaMay said...

Look, she's winking again. :) Lovely piece!
You're spot on the sugar thing. Did you know sugar also increases the bad cholesterol in your blood? I found that out just last week. I like this site: http://summertomato.com/ Check it out when you have time.

Judy said...

Oh I have a sweet tooth big time, but manage to keep it under control by not having anything tempting in the house... at all.

PS: My all time favorites are your "shine" and "fly" girls you recently posted!

Love the wings!

Marlene said...

Pink I love your American Girl, I think she just may be one of my favorites. Thanks for the informative post, a good reminder to us all. I too struggle with sugar consumption even with my diabetes it is hard to stay in line.

slommler said...

Your winking girl is fabulous! And I know sugar is hurtful and try to keep my intake under 10 grams. But you are right...it is in everything processed. So the trick is not to eat processed food. Hard to do.
And I drink diet pop and am working on getting off that habit.
Thanks for the reminder.

A Dancing Mango said...

OMG.. Betty, Your american Girl is wonderful!
Also thank you for your 'reminder on Sugar'.. I love my sweets and know how bad they are for you.
I will look up that radio show now!

Debby said...

WOW!!! Your American girl is amazing.

Sue said...

Your fabulous patriotic gal is so perfect for this time of year.

I was horrified when I became diabetic to see the sugar in EVERYTHING! Label reading can become a real eye opener.


Ansota said...

Love this cheeky girl! Great blog! Will be following..
Ansota :)

PBsArtStudio said...

Hi, this is a great post, I have the same issues with sugar and found a great substitute called Stevia, at first it tastes bitter but after you get used to it it taste sweet, theres also differnet kinds of stevia if you go to the health food store ask the clerk for the best one. It has helped me immensly! Oh and I love your "American girl"! she's gorgeous! :D P

Julie-ann Bowden said...

Betty, I am so pleased you have written about sugar and the made up sugar being poison. I've been warning my family against diet foods and drinks for years. I knew a very beautiful Christian man who I loved like a father. Mr Mugglestone. He use to drink sodas/pop all the time and he got a brain tumour in his forties and sadly died. Thinking it was the drinks that did it.
You are so right about natural sugar too. The only breakfast cereal in the uk with no sugar in is shredded wheat?
They are quite tasty.
I suffer with irritable bowels and heartburn and wierdly pepsi helps. So I drink this to give my tummy a clean out no and then. But not diet one.
Hope to follow you Betty, your a star! Thank you!

Tammie said...

she is wonderful!
our health is everything, I enjoyed hearing your thoughts on food and water.

Julia Christie said...

I really love this American lovely! Great that she's right in time for the 4th!
Great post about sugar. Amazing the difference when you cut it out of your diet as much as possible.


Sophia said...

I LOVE her! Brilliant! :)

I've been cutting out junk food in my diet as well. Not an easy task, though!

readingsully2 said...

I love your cheeky girl..very patriotic. IN addition, the health thing is so important. I am always amazed at how many people have awful illnesses.

My health thing since last October has been Weight Watchers. I have lost 28 pounds.:)

Pam of Always Artistic said...

Beautiful painting!

Yes sugar is addictive, that is for sure. Great post!