Thursday, May 6, 2010

Too much TV, not enough art

After finishing my last painting, I've kind of been sitting around not sure what to do.Well, that is not entirely true, I've been watching lots of dvds. I got hooked on a TV series called Wildfire. It's about a girl out of juvenille hall who is taken to work on a horse ranch. Of course there is a love triangle involving the ranch owner's son, and the son of a rival ranch. If you are a horse fan, you will enjoy this series. It started off a bit slow, but once you got to know the characters, you will want to keep playing the next episode, and then the next.  I just finished Season 3, and now am hoping they will release the final season.  They left you with a cliff hanger, and now it is bugging me not to know what happens.  Those who live in the US are so lucky,  there is a site called where you can watch entire episodes. For me in Canada, I can't access it, so have to wait for the DVDs.

I also finished watching  'The Horse Whisperer' which I saw when it first came out, but couldn't remember.   What a fantastic movie, with gorgeous scenery!  The first few minutes are heartbreaking, and feature Scarlett Johansson when she was only 14. I would definitely recommend this movie if you haven't seen it already.

 Well, I suppose I should continue working on the painting I showed last week. I'm stuck right now, and not sure what to do next, so I may as well just play, and see what happens.
thanks for reading!


Julie said...

Nice style! It's very decorative and fun. I love to meet new artists. Please drop in at

Cameron said...

Sometimes a little time to let the mind mull a bit is very necessary!

Yeah, is great...we don't have cable (or good t.v. reception, for that matter)and do most of our current series watching there :)

I can't wait to see the piece when it's's your own personal cliffhanger for!

Scatty Dolly said...

I've been spending too much time on the internet and not enough painting - must be strong an change that, I get frustrated with myself. my hopping around blogs such as yours is soooo much fun and very inspiring!

slommler said...

It is good to take some time off! It refreshes the soul and the mind.

Marlene said...

Never caught that series, I have too many I watch already and should be off the couch and doing other things, like creating.

Purple Pony Art said...

That looks like a neat show. I remember watching Neon Rider back in the day and I bet it's pretty cheesy now.

I wish we could get Hulu too! We would happily pay for it.

Pam of Always Artistic said...

Sounds like a great show. Don't you love/hate those cliff hangers! LOL

Oh The Horse Whisperer, I saw it years ago and LOVED IT!

readingsully2 said...

Sounds good, Betty. :) I love movies and stuff.