Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hot and Lazy Sunday afternoon

hello everyone! It is gorgeous out these days, yet I've managed to get some new illustrations done. These are a bit different from my  last, but they are still on vintage pages. I was very lucky to salvage some old books heading for the dumpster, so I don't feel bad tearing them apart. One is from 1898, I haven't used the pages yet but I will.
These may have to be listed in my regular Etsy shop, since I haven't opened the second one yet, depends on how much time I have. It's been fun playing around with art, and being a bit more carefree.
The above piece was done on watercolor paper, and I added lots of various vintage text on top. I didn't have a plan, just let it go where it wanted to go. Sorry about the poor photos!

Today I took a drive to the Antique market that runs every Sunday, and I scored some wonderful paper to use in my art. I found 2 very old books filled with vintage wallpaper samples, and I got them for $5, for both!
Now it's a matter of figuring out how best to use them, the papers really are beautiful!
I also picked up these cute little Japanese made dolls. I know nothing about them, other than that they are story book characters.
It was a good trip. I went alone since everyone I know wanted to watch the World Cup final. Congratulations to Spain, and to the Netherlands for what I hear was a wonderful game.

I thought I'd mention a funny thing that happened to me this morning. I have a sweet little canary which I adore, named Lucas.  I took his feed dish to fill it up with seeds, and he flew out. I heard fluttering and when I looked around, he was on the floor looking at me, so I let him stay out for a bit and stretch his wings. When I went to catch him, naturally he tries to fly away. He flew into the bathroom, and I figured, no problem, this will be easy since the bathroom is so small. Before I had a chance to even walk towards him he flew right into the toilet! I quickly pulled him out, poor little guy! His belly and wings were wet so I dabbed him with a paper towel and placed him in his cage. He was perfectly fine, he's such a little trooper.

Last but not least, I mentioned buying lots of new plants in my last post and someone asked for a photo, so here is one that shows some of them. This is the stand by my kitchen window, and yes, that is a cat on top, lol! It's my sister's persian/himalayan cat.
I have to put 2 plants on the floor because she likes to lie on the shelf and watch the birds outside. The plants are throughout my home, but this is where most are.

hope you are all having a wonderful weekend
thanks for reading!


Sue said...

Betty, I really love how you experiment with different textures and papers, techniques, etc., in your art. Your pieces are SO wonderful and I think even more appealing than just straight paint on paper and/or canvas because of the different dimensions to each piece.

Poor Lucas! I bet he was glad to get into his cage after his unexpected "swim".

I'm honestly not looking forward to the humidity returning. Yesterday was just gorgeous here - today you could feel abit of stickiness in the air. :(

Stay cool!


slommler said...

Beautiful paintings!! I love the use of vintage paper!

Marlene said...

The new paintings are wonderful I love the detail you get in the backgrounds. I can't wait to see what you do with the vintage wallpaper, I know it will be great. Love the storybook dolls they brought back memories. Poor Lucus, that is a great name for a bird by the way.

ostrich girl said...

Love the new direction you are exploring! You look like you are having sooo much fun!
I am green with envy over your little storybook dolls as I only have one little Bo Peep of those characters.They are never painted well but the colors are always soooo adorable and you scored finding so many at once! Talk soon!
Promise not to drop off planet earth again!

apinkdreamer said...

hi betty!!!! your paintings are so beautiful! you are always such an inspiration to me!!!

Heather said...

I love all of the layering you do...and the colors you have used in your latest paintings.

you have a wonderful style...
and that poor little birdy - glad he's ok!
Have a good Monday!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

I LOVE the new work! Especially the second one. Maybe someday I'll try and experiment on paper. Right now, I'm still in my beginning stages. These are exquisite! Theresa :)

Pam of Always Artistic said...

Love your art!

Oooh antique markets, how fun! Sounds like you found some good buys!

LOL I am glad your canary is ok. I have had finches and budgies in the past get out in to the bathroom and it's not as small as you think! Lol

Beautiful plants!

Fair Rosamund said...

I love your new artwork, they are so colorful and imaginative!! Poor little Lucas, the same thing happened to my sister's kitten once! She got her out right away and dried her off :) And your plants look great! ~Lauren

readingsully2 said...

Are your little dolls stamped? Lovely plants and cat. Such a cute story about about your bird. Love your illustrations. :)

CrowNology said...

I love this post...
The art...The story {poor bird!}...The finds...The plants...The furry cat tail!
Fun and inspiring!