Friday, January 20, 2012


hey folks! I haven't forgotten about my blog, lol! but I have been a bit busy since the start of the year. I'm giving myself a short break from painting, but still creating my ACEOs.
Lots of artists choose a word for the year, something to focus on, rather than resolutions, which generally fail. As I was thinking about this, the word 'Resolve' came into my head, and it felt right at the time. For me, resolve means to be determined to do what needs to be done, to not quit, to be focused....Yes it's a boring word, lol! but it's the one that I first thought of, so I guess it stays.
Once my little art break is over, I plan to buy some of those wooden letters you can pick up in a craft store,  spell out my word, and put it somewhere in my art room as a reminder.

One big change that happened the first week of January was I finally decided to get off my butt, and take yoga classes at my gym. I 'resolved' to do 30 days of yoga, and I have kept up that commitment to myself. What took me so long?? I've been doing yoga from DVDs for probably 20 years, and my gym has always had classes in the evenings, but I felt intimidated to go alone. I wanted someone to come with me at the beginning, so I could feel comfortable...but life is not always comfortable, and that's not how you grow.
It was the 7th of January, Saturday, and I got so angry at myself for being such a wimp, I grabbed my yoga mat, drove to the gym, and walked  into my first real class.  Of course it was so packed, since this is  when most people go back to the gym, lol!  I didn't let that intimidate me, I just found a spot, and did my first class. I haven't missed a day since then :-)
This may seem like such a small thing to most of you, but I tend to be quite shy in new social situations, until I get to know people, or am more comfortable, so it was a big deal.

This has been a refreshing break, and I am so looking forward to working on a painting, perhaps this weekend. Yoga will not end, I will continue it daily for at least the 30 days I promised myself. But art is calling to me again, so it's a matter of planning my time so that everything can fit in.

Since there is no art to show you, I thought I'd leave you with this humorous/educational video on good foods and bad foods. I love me some good sarcasm, and this video has got that, lol!
If you are a parent who buys cereal for your kids, you may want to take a peak!



Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

Very cool about the yoga! I like your choice of words. Resolve sounds great! Good luck with it!

Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Betty ;o) Great to hear from you! It's excellent you are going to yoga! I am shy too! So, I totally understand! I love your word, resolve and I think it's great you are going to get some of those letters, to put it in your craft room ;o) Keep it up!
Oh, I love the video!!! Hugs ;o)

Pam of alwaysartistic said...

Way to go Betty... Glad to see you doing something good for yourself!

Jen @Sadie Inspired said...

Ahhh! Yoga is amazing, right?! I love it. Awesome dedication on your part. You should be super proud of yourself. (I am a fellow "shy girl" - so I understand!)Great word too!!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

I love your choice of word - it's great. And thank you for sharing your resolves for the year...hooray for your yoga class! :)

Cameron said...

Good for you, Betty!!! That shows definate Resolve....and courage, too :)

I bet you feel more ways than one! Love to hear that you are taking care of you and all your needs!
Can't wait to see what new art emerges from this refreshing break :)

Bevie said...

I'm very proud of you Betty, you could say I am doing something similar. With FBRO.and arthritis exercise has always been difficult, but I've changed my eatting habits, and have started's a start and I've lost 50 lbs to boot...(((hugs)))

UpAndAwayStudio said...

I took a break from my blog and painting as well.Don't have a word yet but I did finally open my etsy shop.I guess if I had to pick a word or combo word it would be "Be brave"..

qifei2012 said...
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