Sunday, February 5, 2012

Does music move you?

After a bit of a dry spell, today I finally had the urge to paint a face.It's funny how music can move you. Yesterday I was shopping with a friend, and a song came on, that I remembered from many years ago. It was so haunting, that I pulled out my pocket journal, wrote a few lyrics so I wouldn't forget, and went on with my day.
Today I pulled out my journal,  googled the lyrics, and found it was an old Glen Campbell song. I cranked up the sound and let the melody take me away. In the middle of the song, I had an idea for the very last page of my Art and Music journal that I started several months ago. The last page has been blank all this time, (although I had painted the background, I couldn't decide what kind of face and lyrics to put on it). Just like that, I had the answer, and wasted no time getting my pencil out and drawing the girl. This is the end result
(sorry for the bad photo, but I had to take it indoors, with poor lighting)

Ok, can you tell I have serious issues with my handwriting?? It is beyond terrible, lol! there are a couple of online workshops on creative lettering, and I think it's time to take one of them :-)

So, months later, all it takes is the right song, to move me into action. Have you ever had a song that does that to you, that inspires you? For me, it's usually oldies, as I don't like today's music. My Youtube playlists are full of classics from the 60's and early 70's. That's just the music I seem to resonate with.
I'd love to hear your thoughts on music, and how it affects you.  Go ahead, name your idols, or your fave songs. I have too many to mention, but over the years, I've shown some art on my blog that was inspired by them.

for you young folks, if you are curious about the song, here it is:

thanks for reading!


Pam of alwaysartistic said...

Beautiful journal page. My writing isn't that nice either, a writing workshop sounds like fun! Great song, haven't heard it before!

Clare said...

I love your journal page - funny how different things inspire us. That old song playing and you just have to hear it again - thank goodness for Youtube.

Jenny said...

Your page is gorgeous... and I just LOVE your face... so beautiful...
I'm with you... love the music from the 60/70's... did see James Blunt and Nora Jones both in concert though and often play them when I am painting also... if there is no music playing when I am drawing... I often find myself humming... yes love music...

Jenny x

Bevie said...

Hi Betty first I want to thank you for posting on my last blog post, and I thank you for the H.B.wish...Yes, I agree with Jenny music tends to put us in a creating mood, and if there's nothing playing then I'm humming or taping my feet...Have an awesome week, and I love that beautiful face you created for your last Journal you know I love your art so much...(((hugs)))

Rusted Wings said...

lovely journal entry!
continued blessings & inspiration!

Magic Love Crow said...

Betty, I have to be honest with you, I have never heard of this song, and I am not that young! LOL! It's a really nice song! For me, music moves me as well. And, I don't like today's music, either! I love Earth, Wind And Fire! They are my favorite ;o) I love your journal page! Even though you don't like your writing, I think the entire page is very powerful!! Well done ;o)

UpAndAwayStudio said...

Seriously your handwriting is not nearly as bad as mine truly.I would love to be able to write like Teesha Moore does in her journals.Maybe I should take one of those classes as well.

Love the journal page.As for music I would say yes it does.I have a playlist full of music that I love and that inspires me.

I also get really inspired from movies I watch.Normally the historic setting's like the movie Bright Star.

Annie said...

I love your journal page. It is interesting how project sometimes just sit and wait for us to be inspired. Then as you say all of a sudden we are inspired whether it be from music, nature or art. I also love the music from the 60's and 70's and some of the music today is quite pleasant to listen to as well :o)

Fotf said...

Hi there, nice to have you back. Nice work too, amazing how music can do that. I haven't found music inspires me to create but it does cheer me up and i probably don't listen to enough of it. The last week and a bit i've taken to not putting the tv on for my sons programmes else he just sits there so now we have the radio on and i find myself singing away. I love The Everyday housewife, mum and dad used to listen to it amongst others, but there are some uptodate music i like. Shania Twain for one :)

Magaly Guerrero said...

Music moves me literally and figuratively. Melodies bring back memory that put me in certain moods, and then the moods want to be shaped into stories... but you know what? I have never been able to write with music playing, it just moves me too much and I end up not paying any attention to the actual writing *sigh*

Your handwriting is atrocious. I can't believe you just shared it with the world. What's wrong with you!

Just kidding... I used to talk about my handwriting a lot. It is not what others might consider pretty or always legible. Thank goodness for the miracle of typing!

Mina said...

What a gorgeous image and so fitting for your inspiration. I am the same in that music always moves me and at times is all that keeps me calm at work. When I am doing mindless work at my desk (which is not often) I like to put my ear buds in and just "relax" so to speak. Hugs to you.

Giovanna Mariela said...

That's a beautiful post. Gorgeous journal page!
Boho Market Blog

Cameron said...

Oh Betty, I'm thrilled for you that you finished your last page...and what a fabulous note (pun intended...heehee) to leave it on!

She is must be so proud to have this book done....and probably relieved, too, not to have it on the "unfinished" list, anymore :)

Congrats, Hun on defeating the dry spell. Amazing what music can stir in us.....

Anonymous said...

OMGSH! Betty, I just love her face and the lyrics too.

about Music: I can't live without it. PERIOD. I could never be Amish.
Glen Campbell was my 'crush' in HS.
I have so many songs on my blog
that I can not paint without these songs on.
Have you heard of Brett Dennon, or
Zee Avi?
More low key pop music. Come see and listen. Have you heard of PINK? She sings this one song I love it is on my blog.. Glitter"
hugs, Darlene