Saturday, December 11, 2010

Montreal shopping, and a Free Vintage image for you

 hi friends, a few days ago we got back from our annual shopping trip to Montreal. It's only 2 days, but we certainly shopped till we dropped, lol! This year was the best one ever. I was hoping for snow, but as the train pulled in, it was dry. However, within a few hours of our arriving, it started to snow, and snow, and perfect, a snowstorm while we were there, and it was still going on when we left.
I wish I took more photographs of the streets though. They were simply beautiful.
Lots of pretty displays in store windows to see...

There was a giant buddha in a store. Did you know that you are supposed to rub a buddha's belly for good luck, lol?

It was the perfect little trip, got lots of Christmas shopping done, and enjoyed good food and good sights.

I made a couple more ACEOs(small art, size of a baseball card) this past week. This one was my favorite, I put it up on Ebay last night as a Buy it Now, and woke up to it being sold.  Time is running out, so I'm happy this buyer will have it before Christmas.

I haven't added any free vintage images from my collection for a while, so I dug up this Christmas post card from 1910 for you to download, and use in your art. Click on the photo to make it larger, then download.

Well, that's it for now, I need to make a few more ACEOs, then watch a Christmas movie.

thanks for reading!


Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Betty ;o) I love the pictures!! You looked like you had such a great time!! I wish I was with you!! I would have been rubbing that buddah's belly too ;o)

Pam of Always Artistic said...

Wow looks like a fun trip, the snow is beautiful.

What a sweet painting. Congrats on the sale! And great vintage art.

Sue said...

I loved seeing your pics of Montreal. Paul and I had our honeymoon there and it is one of my favorite cities! And yes, congrats on the sale!


Rosemary said...

Looks like a fabulous trip to Montreal...... loved your vintage image.

slommler said...

What beautiful pictures of Montreal! That Buddha is huge!!!!
I see you rubbing...Ha!!
Love your ATC and congrats on the sale

Micki said...

Lol Betty you crack me up, here in the uk everyone has been hating the snow, can't drive, shops not open, no one going to work etc, I love that you said it was perfect shopping in those conditions ;) made me giggle at how silly we are in the uk when it comes to snow!!

Micki x

Faerie Moon Creations said...

What a fun trip! I SO wish it would snow here. There is nothing more fun than to take a wintry walk in freshly fallen snow. It's always so much fun to window shop this time of year - I love seeing all the fancy window displays. :) I am loving your new little owl ACEO. Theresa

readingsully2 said...

Beautiful Pink. Love the snow photo of Montreal. And of course your adorable little owls.