Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Of Fairy Tales and Cats

Today as I was looking through some old work I realized I haven't painted a fairy tale in a very long time. Back then I was struggling with my backgrounds, and working on creating prettier faces in my art.
Then I discovered ACEOs, and Mixed media, so my fairy tale series got put aside. It's time to do a new one. I think I have done 6, and next on my list was Cinderella. We shall see if I can find time this weekend to continue....

Other news, I saw the musical 'Cats' a few days ago. It was fantastic! As I was watching my little artist brain was busy planning out what paintings I could make based on it. Inspiration is everywhere! too bad that the image in my mind was much better than the end result. I don't care for this painting at all, I think I made her face way too wide. Oh well, you can't always get it right. I still beeswaxed her though, and will have it on my bookshelf to remind me of the musical.

Yesterday I received the last of my OWOH giveaway prizes, so here is a picture I took- sorry for the quality, it was overcast when I took it...on the left is the lovely mixed media canvas by Sanna, and on the right is the cigar box of incredible goodies are from Carole
I got so lucky with this event!

that's it for now, I must continue cleaning :-(


Tammy said...

I love your Cats painting. I think she's beautiful. Her face isn't too wide. Just purrfect! :)

Michelle said...

I think the face is catlike.

She's lovely

Black Rose said...

Love this cat woman! Happy clearing/sorting out :)

Renee said...

Okay now, you see how two people differ.

This cat woman is FANTASTIC. One of the best pictures I have seen on the net and I am not kidding.

I absolutely adore her. Are you crazy?

Her face is divine and just like a cats.

Your rocked me with this picture. I love her. xoxoxo

Love Renee

Renee said...

Okay, I just went back to make sure I wasn't mistaken. Looked at her, blew her up so I could see her better. And the end result is the same. FANTASTIC.


Sandy Michelle said...

I love the cat girl's outfit and the beeswax effect is the perfect touch! Thanks for stopping by!


A Dancing Mango said...

Just love your work.. !
Thank you for sharing.. as we all inspire eachother.. don't you think? . Hugs, Darlene

Veronica said...

Wow, that is awesome!!!!!!! too cute and you lucky duck for winning all those cool things on Owoh day
hugs V

ostrich girl said...

I thought her wide face was totally on purpose and a characature.Also it is wonderful because that piece totally makes you think of "Cats" "Memories, all alone in the moonlight something,something I don't remember the lyrics...I was beautiful then..." O.K. now I'm just giggling cause I can't REMEMBER the words to MEMORIES.that is just Ironic.Stop second guessing your self girlie! Your work is sooooo great!!!

Carole said...

I hope you have a great time with the box and stuff inside.