Saturday, February 14, 2009

So you think you can dance?

Heck no!!! but this guy can :-)
His name is Nico Archambault, and he won 'So you think you can dance Canada'.
Last night we went to see him with the rest of the top 10 dancers on tour, and it was fantastic! We were quite far from the stage, so couldn't see much detail, but we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless. We had gone to Toronto earlier, and spent the day window shopping. Of course I had to drop into my favorite art store and pick up more supplies :-D

I also received the Pitt pens that I ordered online for Pam Carrikers upcoming class.
Looking forward to it!

I would like to say a great big Thank you to Veronica. I had sent her a couple of stamps she had been looking for, and in return she sent me a beautiful inspirational canvas! It was so thoughtful of her, as I expected nothing in return, it just shows you the wonderful people here in blogland :-D

An important note: for anyone who is saddened by the tragic fires of Australian, please take a look at this Etsy Shop, called OzBushfireAppeal. Various Etsy sellers have donated items,with all proceeds going to the Australian Red Cross. There are wonderful items added daily, so you can lend support and get something in return! I am happy items are selling so quickly!

Now I am off to try and work on some art journal pages, and hopefully start another painting. It feels like an effort to do anything today, it must be the dreaded February will know soon enough if I managed to work through it :-D

hope your day is going great!


ostrich girl said...

How can you have blahs when you got to go see that little hottie dance.!Your presents are on thier way to you so no blahs for you! ( : xoxo Sheri DeBow

Lisa Gatz said...

ooooh, he's lovely! :-)