Friday, November 23, 2012

Holiday Art is coming

hi folks, seems I am forever behind, lol!
First off I would like to wish all my American friends a Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks to you, we now have Black Friday sales in Canada, yeah!! Any sale is a good one, but it's not as hectic here as it would be in the US. I still managed to take advantage today :-)
I hope you are all enjoy time with loved ones. 

I've been working hard on some new art, and have some new paintings to show.. First off is my wee owl shown above  I decided to make prints of this one for my Etsy shop and they look identical to the original (thanks to my new super duper printer!).

There's also a  whimsical fox

and of course, you've got to have some holiday penguins!

I didn't forget about my girls..In fact I have some new illustrations I'm working on right now, more like children's art I would say. They are also Christmas themed, so hopefully I can get a couple finished by the weekend, and maybe show them here. It's almost a month till Christmas, wow how time is flying!
Where ever you are, may you be blessed and  thanks for reading