Monday, April 7, 2014

Hello friends

It may seem like I haven't updated in since Christmas but it's not so! I know I had at least one, maybe two posts in the new year, and I have no idea what happened to them. Has blogger been having issues?
How on earth did my posts vanish???

Anyway, I'm still here. Obviously posts are few and far between as I haven't done much art lately, other than ACEOs. My latest painting is shown above, and it felt good to just paint. In fact, come to think of it, it's the only one I've done all year! Wow, that's pretty shameful!
Considering I used to live and breath art... It's time to get off my butt, and create. There is no shortage of sketches though, there are piles of ideas on my desk, waiting for me to pick one. Still struggling with the old 'indecision'. Can't seem to decide what to work on, so I end up on my computer wasting time, watching videos, and on Facebook (yes, the site I swore I would never join!)  My word for the year was 'discipline' and obviously that has not worked out too well for me yet, lol!

This year is already flying by. It's April, and I am looking forward to spring and summer, especially after the winter that would not quit!
Someone please tell me, what the heck was that all about?? several months of record colds, ice storms, and tons of snow, higher than me, it became a hazard trying to back out of my driveway!  Even areas in the Southern USA got to enjoy a little taste of what we call winter up here in Canada, lol! How did you like it folks? I'm sure you'd rather it stay up here where it belongs :-)

I do hope to update more regularly- which is what I said in the post that has If I could figure out how to change my background, that would be great. Blogger has changed some stuff, and I'm not exactly computer savvy.....

well that's it for's Monday night, and my favorite show is on: 'The Voice'. I rarely watch tv, but this is one show I love!
thanks for reading!