Monday, March 26, 2012

New art, and some skywatching

Well I finally got some new art up, after taking a few weeks off to mostly play around with techniques and stuff.  The above is on a wood panel, and looks much better than the crappy scan. You know when you get something in your head, and try to recreate it? doesn't always work out as you imagined. I was hoping to give her a more circusy feel, so not sure if I accomplished that. I defintely like the plain wood background though.
Anyway, the real reason for the post was to let you  know to look outside quickly, lol!
There is a lovely show between the crescent moon, the planet Venus and Jupiter. I'd caught the tale end of some stargazing discussion on the tv, about the moon and venus, and never thought about it again until I hopped in my car to head to Michaels, and upon looking up at the sky, saw the most lovely spectacular scene. The crescent moon is just above the very bright Venus, and until I checked online, didn't realize this is something we won't see for a long time.

Here is a nice description of what's happening:

I've been wondering the last few weeks what the  2 stars were that I could see very brightly over my house, and now I know :-).  So if you see this post on time, run to your window, lol!

that's all I got for today, thanks for reading!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Free online Documentary- Hungry for Change

hi everyone, I have been taking a mini break from my blog for a bit, as I decided to spend more time experimenting with art, rather than putting the pressure on myself to have a 'finished' product every time. It wasn't planned, but each time I wanted to update, I didn't feel like there was anything interesting to post, lol! I did notice that on a lot of blogs I follow, people are getting more busy, and the weather has been so nice! of course, as the weather gets better, we do tend to spend more time away from the computer.

However, I thought I'd post a quick link for for anyone who is interested in health.. There is a free documentary that will be shown in it's entirety starting today, until the end of the month, and it sounds very interesting. I signed up to watch, as I have seen their previous one titled 'Food Matters' and loved it.
I believe this is a life changing movie, and it will all make perfect sense.

This is the website for those of you who may want to watch it:

 Please check out the trailer and see if it's something that may interest you. I truly believe we can heal ourselves and our planet by truly opening our eyes, and seeing what has been going on while we were sleeping. Our health, and the health of our loved ones depends on waking up to what has happened to our 'food'. It's time to make a change for the betterment of all mankind.

Anyway, I hope to be around soon with a more proper post, and maybe some new journal pages.
I hope you all have been keeping well, and are making the most out of every blessed day

thanks for reading!