Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pretty in Pinks

Tonight is a beautiful, snowy night. Lots more snow is expected, which makes for a terrible drive to work in the morning, but is oh so pretty!
I should be working on art, instead I am discovering new blogs, thanks to the wonderful event called One World One Heart. If you haven't heard about it, scroll down to my post about the giveaway. It is a miracle I get any work done :-)

Here is my latest Mixed Media painting called 'My Guardian Angel'. It is one of my favorites, yes I know, I probably say that about all of them. I used bright, rich colors for this, pinks, purples, and golds. I will be doing a few more featuring guardian angels and little girls. But first I must finish the Valentine's Day painting I started today. Why do they have to put American Idol on 3 nights this week?


Melanie said...

stunning work as always,love it

slommler said...

Beautiful your faces!!

Renee said...

This painting is so wonderful and peaceful. I love it.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for your lovely message. Yes, John is a character. I love him so much, my life would be so much more boring without him.
I am so looking forward to your next art, you are really blossoming, they are all so very beautiful.

Kate said...

Such a lovely bright and happy painting for mid-winter!

I think you are right to claim each painting is your favorite. Otherwise, why do them?

Kate (Shibori Girl from OWOH)

jolt said...

Your better than me, for the past 2 days all I've been doing is "discovering" new and interesting blogs thanks to one heart. That's how I came across yours- and I've become one of your followers because I'm so inspired by your lovely painting like this one!

Linda said...

This painting is just so beautiful. You did a great job with it.

Laume said...

The strength and love just shines from this piece - beautiful.