Saturday, September 5, 2009

Goodbye lazy days of summer

I am always excited this time of year, when fall is just around the corner, and when the days are getting shorter. I am sure some of you parents are happy to get the kids back in school. One of my favorite commercials has parents gliding around getting supplies while the kids look glum, lol! Check it out here on Youtube for a chuckle.

I love folk art, and have been trying to create some primitive shabby paintings in that style, but don't always succeed. I keep trying to 'pretty' them up. At the top is my latest painting in the folk art style, so instead of over-thinking it, I should just shut up and paint, lol.
I titled this 'Emily's first Day' and put her for sale in my Etsy shop.

The painting below is more recognizable as my style. It was supposed to be a folk art painting too, but after trying to force it to go in one direction, I finally gave up, and let the painting tell me where it wanted to go, and this was the result.
She too has been added to my Etsy shop.

Life is easier when you go with the flow


suziart said...

I love your style! And Greece looked lovely!

readingsully2 said...

I love these, Pink. You do the cutest stuff.

Renee said...

September the real fresh start.


A Dancing Mango said...

Love your work as usual..
Thank you for your sweet comments on my home and I had to laugh at you saying that you had OATMEAL.. you are so fun..
hugs, Darlene

Julie-ann said...

Your art looks so relaxing and at ease, like the girls are floating in their new liked surroundings. They don't show you trying, just being there beautiful. I do think they look folk art. I like them a lot.
Keep going you are a wonderful artist and everyone of your creation have so much love in them. Especially very pretty! Now with wonderful peace in their souls.

melissa said...

So very pretty! The background on the second girl is just fantastic. Glad to be following your blog :)

Pam said...

They are both beautiful. I love the colors you choose too!

LOL That commercial is hilarious, they sure chose the right kids.