Sunday, May 21, 2017

after a long break.....

hi all! well, that sure was a long break since my last post! I had the best intentions, but never followed through so here I am trying again, and I hope blogger hasn't made any more changes! I was frustrated last time as things looked different, so I gave up too easy.

When I started my blog a few years back, the idea was to just have an online diary for myself, so imagine my surprise when people started reading  it! I was so thrilled, and intimidated...but I kept at it, grow a lovely following of the most wonderful people around and enjoyed reading my friend's posts. I don't know what happened, I guess life got in the way....and I did something I swore I would never do:  join Facebook. The only reason I did so was because and art class I was taking was going to be hosted naturally I thought I would only use it for this class, now it's been a few years, and anyone who has been on Facebook knows how much time you spend on it, lol!

The last couple of years have been terrible art wise, too much was going on in my life and I kind of lost my spark...I had little desire to paint, and would force myself to do some work, but weeks would go by without creating anything. I'm sure many artists understand how frustrating this is, especially when art brings you so much joy.

I may not have been creating, but that didn't stop me from buying art supplies and other fun things to use in my journals! the pic below shows some of the Jane Davenport mixed media collection I picked up from Michaels early this year, and that really helped to motivate me to just do something!
I have found myself addicted to washi tape, and must admit I have enough to last me a lifetime, lol! it works beautifully not only in your art journals but in decorating planners. In future posts I will show what I've done with some of the tapes.

I don't want this post to go on too long, so I will end with my latest big eyed girl painting, this was created on mixed media paper, I used various papers in the background, did some stamping and decided to draw a girl over top, incorporating the colors beneath, and of course I love words on my art, and this seemed fitting.
thanks for reading!



suzyb said...

So good to see you back and that your "spark" is now becoming a wee flame again. I do enjoy your girls and all your painting that you do. You inspire me to get going again. I lose my creative juices a lot, and I am no professional and don't rely on my artwork for a living, but I do embrace the time I spend with my creative girlfriends. So art is now creeping its way back into my life and I am grateful :)
Hope you are getting lovely weather, that always helps too.
Hugs from Victoria, BC

pinkglitterfae said...

thanks for comment Suzyb, glad to hear your art is creeping back too!

Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Betty! So happy to see you and read you girl!!! Take it one day at a time! Remember, blogging isn't a job, it's a community of friends, supporting each other!! Love your art supplies! Can't see what else you have created! I REALLY love your magic girl!!! Big Hugs!