Thursday, May 25, 2017

Mama wolf

Here comes mama wolf, protective of her little baby, don't mess with her!
Sometimes I hear a song on my youtube play list and an idea pops into my head, that is where this one came from. I wanted to show a little forest girl holding a baby that I think of it I probably should have drawn some trees in the back, oh well! it's kind of a shabby textured painting, I'm trying to let go of having to control all my art, and paint more loose.

A few years back I was journaling every day, I don't know why I stopped, but one thing for sure, the pages I do now are disappointing! they just don't have the cohesion of my older journals...back then I was also taking classes, and working on backgrounds daily. See what happens when you skip a few days, they turn into weeks, then months....and getting back into it is not so easy!

So the only thing to do is put paint to paper, and see what comes out. This below is a page from my journal, I  used ink sprays first, and randomly applied paint. It ended up so ugly that wanted to cover it up so drew a face overtop, and as you can see, the ink below is bleeding through, which is fine by me. It's just practice, but if you want to paint a face over a background, just be careful not to use those dylusion ink sprays...they are impossible to cover! they are perfect for playing though......
The flower is a sticker I picked up at Michaels from their new gorgeous tropical line. 

Next up is a little fairy painting I'm working on, which is in the ugly stage at the moment, lol!
Will post when done
thanks for reading!


Magic Love Crow said...

Betty, you are hard on yourself!!! I understand where you are coming from though! But, we all go through things, so be happy girl! I love your wolf protector and your face on your journal page is gorgeous!!! Big Hugs!

bockel24 said...

That journal page is lovely, Betty.
And thanks for your comment on my recent blog post - hope that people will like your more thought-provoking art better some day soon!

Blogoratti said...

That is really good and your work is lovely to look at. Warm greetings!